Description of Scoot Golf



Scoot Golf can stop on ground with slopes until 45 degrees and high humidity thanks to the 3 large fulcrums and his permanent brake.
Scoot Golf is the quickest way on market to move where is your ball.

So, if people have different level, Scoot Golf can balance them thanks to his highest forwarding speed. In that way, the shots of the slowest player can be made more relaxed.

Scoot Golf can be tidy in car easier and quicker than golf cart.
You can make movies and share all shot including birdy and eagle because Scoot Golf help you to frame your swing.
So, you can improve your swing if you share it to your trainer or if you review it in slow motion.
You stay away from the sun ray, rain, and wind thanks to umbrella that can be turn all around you. ombre du Scoot golf

Scoot Golf is a electric scooter with the following specifications :
  • -Material: Magnésium and aeronautic aluminium,
  • -Wheel size: 8.5 inch increvable,
  • -Engine size: 6.7 inch,
  • -Maximal torque: 16 N. m,
  • -Maximal speed: 25 km/h (sport mode), 18 km/h (Eco mode). 5 Km/h (Competition mode). This speed can be modified at the order,
  • -Battery life: : 26 km on road, 20 km on lawn , 12 km on wet lawn [On the base of 100 stops],
  • -Braking system: On front, E-ABS anti blocking system, and rear disc brake,
  • -Engine power: 250 w in ECO mode and 500 w in SPORT mode,
  • -Battery capacity: 474 Wh,
  • -Maximum slope with the user: Around 14 °,
  • -Maximum slope in trolley mode: Around 40 °,
  • -Waterproofness level: IP54, (Dust, waterprojection),
  • -Front and rear lights: LED 5W,1W,
  • -Distance with ground: 87.5 mm,
  • -Distance of braking with maximum speed and weight with all braking system: 4 m,
  • -Maximum weight of user + golf bag: 115 kg,
  • -Nominal power of charger: 84 w,
  • -Charger tension: 100-240 v, 50/60 hz,
  • -Battery tension: 42 v,
  • -Charging delay: 5.5 hours de 0 à 100% / 80% within 2 hours,
  • -Size: 108x43x114 cm (Without bag), Around 130 X 90 X 114 (With bag and club).


  • -Stand,
  • -Smartphone support,
  • -Glass hanger,
  • -Umbrella hanger,
  • -Tee hanger,
  • -Ball hanger,
  • -Cleaning brush,
  • -Parking brake.

Integrated alarm : Scoot Golf can be fully blocked. In that state, the 2 wheels are blocked. If Scoot Golf is moved, the alarm sound and simultaneously your phone get notification,

Cruise control : Scoot Golf has a cruise control that is activated after 3 seconds. it means, you don't have to let your thumb on the throttle to cruise at same speed. It is deactivated if you accelerate or brake. (The delay can be modified)

KERS : There is a Kinetic Energy Recovery System when you release the throttle or brake. (Deceleration level can be modified)

Limitations of use :

Scoot Golf follow the interdiction of cart because the pressure on ground is the same but the surface crushed is 5 times less.

Peu plat preservant le gazon
In winter, if cart are forbidden, you can have an access to the golf but you need to promise to use Scoot Golf in competition mode. It means you need to walk on the side of Scoot Golf but you don't need to push your bag and Scoot Golf because they are motorized.

You use like that also when you climb high slope like you can see here :

"Golf rules doesn't talk about type of means of locomotion. Golf promoter decide what is possible to use or not"

Scoot Golf is multi role, it can be used :
- in training or in competition (if autorized) like a fast moving vehicle;
- In competition in Mode D with limited speed like slow moving cart.
Ecran du scoot Golf

Models of Scoot Golf

- Scoot Golf [Transportable by car] :

Scoot Golf [Ref : SG]

1299 €

Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

Scoot Golf + USB plug + GPS tracking (+2€/mois) [Ref : SGU]

1449 €

Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

Scoot Golf with wide footrest [Ref : SGL]

1399 €

Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

Scoot Golf with wide footrest + USB plug + GPS tracking (+2 €/mois) [Ref : SGLU]

1549 €

Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

Scoot Golf + seat with integrated supension + lithium battery of 742 Wh [Ref : SGS]

1649 €

Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

Scoot Golf + seat with integrated supension + lithium battery of 742 Wh + USB plug + GPS tracking [Ref : SGSU]

1799 €

Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

  • Glove for scoot golf

    32 €
    Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

    Club hanger fit for all compatible bags with Scoot Golf that can stop noices from club colliding.

    25 €

    Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

    Antivol  sur disque de frein / Alarme 110 db lors de la mise en mouvement

    Lock on disc brake / Alarm with 110 db when it moves

    34 €

    Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

    Chargeur supplémentaire 42V 2A

    Charger Scoot Golf
    of 42V / 2A

    24 €

    Free shipping cost / Delivery within 13 days

    - Fat Scoot Golf [Not transportable by car]
    Fat Scoot Golf is dedicated to golf facilities with slope under 25 degrees or for golfer located close to golf facilities (under 6 miles)
    Specifications of Fat Scoot Golf :

    Electrical engine : 1500 W
    Battery: Lithium 60V (20Ah)
    Battery capacity: 1200 Wh
    Weight: 6 kg (13.23 lbs)
    Charge Time: 10 - 12 hours
    Autonomy : 4 x 18 holes in the worst conditions
    Wheel sizes: 18*9.5 inch
    Dimensions: 1.4 m (36.37 inch) [length] and 1.1 m (39.37 inch) [high]
    Maximum slope: 25 degrees
    Brake: Disc brake front and rear
    Suspension: Hydraulic on front
    Shock absorption: yes on front
    Carry weight: 200 kg (440 lbs)
    Anti-theft system: Yes with remote control
    Waterproof: Yes
    Battery level indicator: Yes
    Led headlight: Front and rear
    Permanent brake: Yes
    Tee, ball hanger: Yes
    Bottle holder: Yes
    Scorecard: Yes
    Umbrella hanger with capacity to turn around head: Yes
    Cellphone hanger: Yes
    GPS tracking: Yes

    2190 €

    Free shipping cost / Delivery within 60 days

    Scoot Golf en location

      You need more information +33 9 79 94 00 91 (English or German speaking) or send email to contact@scoot.golf